An IEMA microsite to highlight best practice and innovation

This microsite presents IEMA’s recent publications relating to Digital Impact Assessment, with additional content beyond that found in the PDFs. For an overview of this microsite see the brief video below.

On this microsite you will find the following key sections:

  • About
    Background to the IEMA digital working group, Primer and Outlook Journal.
  • Digital Impact Assessment
    Extracts from the Primer on what digital impact assessment is, why it is needed and what opportunities and challenges it presents.
  • Draft Principles for Digital Impact Assessment
    A summary of key issues that a Digital IA project or organisation should strive to adopt
  • Digital Impact Assessment in Practice
    Eight articles from the sixth edition of the Outlook Journal, with extra content to better illustrate these case studies and allow readers to explore them in more detail.
  • Next Steps
    Next steps for IEMA’s digital working group and how to get involved.

This microsite has been prepared alongside the recent Primer and Outlook Journal. PDFs of both can be accessed by clicking on the images below.

This microsite has been developed using Mott MacDonald‘s Open Book platform and is based on a concept and original platform developed in association with TfL and Crossrail 2. All content has been provided by and is the responsibility of the IEMA Digital Working Group.