About IEMA

IEMA is the professional body for everyone working in environment and sustainability. We provide resources and tools, research and knowledge sharing along with high-quality formal training and qualifications to meet the real world needs of our members. We believe that together we’re positively changing attitudes to sustainability as a progressive force for good. Together we’re transforming the world to sustainability.

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About the IA Network

IEMA’s IA Network consists of IEMA members who have a professional interest in IA. The IA Network plays an important role in developing and sharing good practice case studies, webinars and guidance across the IA community of practice.

The IA Network is guided by a Steering Group made up from 15 IEMA members from across industry, government and academia who each serve for three-year terms. The Steering group is refreshed in cohorts of 5 people, with annual recruitment of 5 new members, to provide opportunities for members to take part and to provide fresh insights. 

The IA Steering Group has oversight of the IA Network working groups, which currently consist of; Digital, Heritage, Traffic, Soils, Post-Consent, Major Accidents and Disasters, Climate, Waste and Materials, Significance, GHGs, Health, and Cumulative Effects Assessment.

IEMA members can join the IA Network for free by emailing ia@iema.net and requesting to join.

About the IA Digital Working Group

The Digital Impact Assessment Primer, Outlook Journal and this microsite have been developed by the Digital Impact Assessment Working Group, a cross-industry working group of environmental assessment and GIS/data professionals working together in collaboration to provide best practice guidance, case studies and webinars on Digital Impact Assessment for the UK EIA community.

About the EIA Quality Mark

The EIA Quality Mark is a scheme operated by IEMA that allows organisations (both developers and consultancies) that lead the co-ordination of statutory EIAs in the UK to make a commitment to excellence in their EIA activities and have this commitment independently reviewed. The EIA Quality Mark is a voluntary scheme, with organisations free to choose whether they are ready to operate to its seven EIA Commitments. Click here to find out more about the EIA Quality Mark.

About the EIA Practitioner Register

The purpose of the Register is to promote the effective practice of EIA by setting quality standards based on the knowledge and experience of those involved in the process. Registration provides an efficient and effective means by which developers, consultancies and regulatory agencies can demonstrate to interested parties that their individual staff are adequately qualified, trained and experienced.

The register allows individuals and their employers to demonstrate to interested parties and the public that they are adequately qualified and experienced to deal with environmental impact assessment issues. To learn more about the EIA Practitioner Register click here.

About the Impact Assessment Outlook Journals

The IA Outlook Journal UK practice series offers you thought pieces contributed by IEMA EIA Quality Mark registrants, formatted as a thought-provoking quick read covering key aspects of UK EIA practice. It showcases fresh ideas on key topics and offers you new perspectives on how you can push forward the practice of Impact Assessment in your own organisation. To read the IA Outlook Journal click here.

About Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald is developing a transformational approach to the way we provide information; we call it Open Book. Open Book enshrines the philosophy of effective communication and forms the basis for a series of web-based information products. This IEMA Digital Impact Assessment Outlook Journal is hosted on the Mott MacDonald Open Book engagement platform.

Combining scalable web technology and GIS with innovative functionality and some fundamental communication techniques, Open Book offers a contemporary way of getting information across to different audiences in ways that meet their needs. The platform comes from some award-winning work we undertook on Crossrail 2 on behalf of Transport for London. Based on the brief of our client, we developed an online information product, in the form of an EIA scoping website. This received very positive feedback from the client (it won the 2018 TfL suppliers award for best environmental initiative), as well as from the local authorities and regulators who were its principal audience.

This IEMA microsite showcases some of the digital functionality, which is available to improve environmental assessments through interactive communication tools to provide clear and concise information.

Terms of Use

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